Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh . . . . right.

Cabbages grow

 B o y s  grow faster

 and neither cabbages nor boys need shoes in summer  :)

actually. . my 17 month olde has never worn shoes yet!  haha!
handknit booties in winter. . but that was it.
we tried this and that but nothing seemed as good as 
just bare feet.

h o m e  

it feels like summerintofall
. . which is actually it's own season in Maine. 
it's not summer. . and it's not fall.
it's stuck in between for a bit. . 
and it's the BEST season of all.

today i love. .  ( and im not counting anymore. . because as with most things with numbers. . i give up already. . . but i don't care. )

so today. . in no particular order :)

i love that when you're an adult you can REALLY hurt yourself and be in 
excruciating pain. . but not cry.
i recently banged my head right near my eye SOOO HARD i thought i was going to pass out!
but instead of crying. . i just stood there. . in quite a lot of pain. . and then got back to my day. 


i love that moment when you're on a long walk and you realize you have to go all the way BACK
i don't love that actually... 
but it's good to push yourself.    :)

i realized the other day when out with my little boys . .and walking through a pine forest patch
that the smell of hot sunbaked pineneedles on a forest floor. . is my all time favorite smell in the whole wide world.