Tuesday, November 22, 2011

soon the white will come. . and stay

thankful for warm boots for the little
feet in my life

i love how rustic and wild our little barn is
looking right now as we head into winter.

wood fires are so timeless.

they look and feel and act the same as they have always

i love that.
in this day of much
modernity i cling to
the OLDE things that are
still so wonderfully
needed.. and loved.

crisp afternoons
beautiful and emotionally

found. . by Sam.
who can spot a heart
in a leaf
in a rock
in a chip :)
in a doodle
. . . quicker then i can.

ahhhhh. . . i hope that i can always be
up above
so i can see
all there is around around
up so high
above the ground


Sunday, November 6, 2011

new to the family

Pocket & Pue

pocket because one was
found as an egg in a hiding spot and carried
in a pocket for a bit before the lady
remembered it was in there
. . and then she was hatched under a warming lamp. .

and Sam named the other Pue.. .which
was the cute name of our photographer
from a family shoot we had yesterday.
He just loved it.

Kurt and Sam spent most of the day out in a
quite-cold shed building a sweet little home
for these two.

They are seven weeks and will
get very fluffy indeed as they are
silky bantam babies.


Such sweet little chickies.
We're so happy to add them to our
slowly growing critter family.


Friday, November 4, 2011


for crisp fall swinging days

for maggs, who makes a fire feel even cozier. . just by lying there.

for resilient slippers. . or not so resilient really.. . but. . for slippers.

for you. . .
you know who you are.

for a creative child
who sees planes in clothes pins
and Popsicle sticks.

for fires. . which bring families and friends together
and which make marshmallows taste ever so much better.

for things that make us look .. . up.

for all the time i spend standing still. . ish.
just swinging my boys.

for home . . . ness

for love. . from above.



darling calendar
Jane Heller

this and more of her beautiful photos
here in her shop