Monday, January 30, 2012

Care for and Comfort

care for

play with

know them. . .
what they need
when they need it.

bake good food

that feeds
and comforts

sit and just be

care for and comfort.
be there
just be
i need them
and they need me


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Total body Failure . . Oatmeal Days. . and Casting your Cares

this day. . above. . was one when quiet resided predominantly, a "real" dinner was made and actually planned ( that does NOT happen often in our house. ) and knitting. . of all unheard of things. . actually took place in the middle of the day whilst both littles played contentedly on the floor nearby. . like in a Little House on the Prairie book. . Surreal . . but NICE.
This. . was yesterday. .

ToDAY. . on the other hand. . was in every way opposite as you can get
and i would LOVE to know how this happens.
the old saying "when it rains it pours" seems to
SO true and it just puzzles me.
i encourage a fairly quiet existence .. especially at home
and yet some nights are inevitably sleepless, some mornings a
total BLUR... afternoon naps a JOKE . . and dinner. . after NO thought and all of a
sudden realizing .. . wow. . im HUNGRY and so are my kids. .
is Oatmeal.
( not that there's anything wrong with oatmeal for dinner. . we are a big breakfast for dinner
family but it's more in the way we . . arrive. . at the oatmeal. :) )


today everything felt difficult to DO
and it was truly a matter of choosing Joy
over . . anything in the opposing categories.

After the long day came to a quieter close and as i rocked littlest one to sleep
i had these olde familiar words come into my heart
and mind and they proved a great comfort and i was
lead to share them in hopes that others who need these
words. . will happen upon them in a hour of need.

i will Cast all my Cares upon You
i lay all of my burdens
down at Your feet
and any time
i don't know
what to do
i will cast
all my cares
upon You.

a song written from
1 Peter 5 : 7

Who else in the World but Jesus would ask us
to Cast. . Throw. .Lay. . Give away. . our burdens
at HIS feet.

Thank you LORD.

and oatmeal is indeed delish. . no matter what meal of the day. :)


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

bits and ramblings on

Toast is. . . cozy

this little pile of treasures left by Little One was especially cute to me the other day.
. . included in this pile. . is Hazel.. . who is an olde friend to me of many many years and who was recently found after YEARS of being LOST . . or rather. . safely tucked away in camping stuff we haven't touched in forever.. . apparently we aren't big fans of camping with babies..

Hi Hazel.

been practicing chopping my own kindling.

it's one of those things that seems like a basic survival skill..
. . a tiny bit almostchoppedmythumboff dangerous. . but hey. . you can sew those back on right?
i do have to admit that i could NOT chop a log into smaller pieces.... much lacking in upper body strength and for a person with good spacial awareness have surprisingly bad aim!
. . but Sweet Hubby chops a bunch of flats for me so i can have at it when the mood strikes and i have to say. . . it's incredibly FUN!

this little Gal is getting ready. . we think. . to lay her first egg!

she made a special little nest and methinks we shall see a little gift in it sooner then later.
very exciting.