Friday, July 24, 2009

i miss you

. . .
been on a little ( big. . 40 of us ) family vacation
and it's sooo funny. i am such a weirdo. i am no
good when im not home. our home is MY SPACE
. . my little world where i am in control. . or at least try to
maintain it. . and where i know whats going on
and where there is always something to do!!
i don't sit still well and without all
my art supplies and sewing and baking and cooking
and cleaning and laundry and gardening i am LOST!
i basically have to just keep telling myself to chill out
and have yet another cup of tea . . but my
mind always misses all the little everyday
things about being home. . . that i love.

. . . i guess i'll go sweep the cabin floor. . :) again. :)


Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Sun has got it's hat on . . hip hip hip hooray!

My Brood of hens :)

Our favorite crusty bread that i now make
about twice a week so there's always some
in the house for toast.

i don't have the link but it's
called "almost no kneed bread"
from the Cooks Illustrated