Sunday, October 2, 2011

Creeping in. . .

this has been a month of settling back into
our home after a long full fun summer.
a new baby for us.
a wedding for my baby sister.
gardens grown and harvested and
almost done being packed away for winter.
Now is time for the wood to come in
and extra blankets to be unfolded and put onto beds
and on the sofa. . ready for snuggling under
at a moments notice.
now is the time for more piles of books to read to the littles,
more baking do be done so we're sure to put on
a few extra "warmth" pounds for the cold that is
on the move. :)
And time for settling down
and settling in for a long
New England Fall and Winter.
i Love the layers and boots and hats,
wood boxes and bundles of kindling,
extra justtowarmup mugs of tea and coffee.
I love the coziness that just creeps back into the
house this season.
Excited to knit once again, excited to learn
something new, excited to see baby learn to
crawl this winter.
Excited just to BE.