Wednesday, July 27, 2011

grow baby grow

i always fall head over heels in LOVE with...
my gardens

each year we get a little better at
knowing what and how much to grow. . .
although this year i planted WAY too many beans
and will be giving them away to anyone who
wants some!

but these little garlics i've been
growing for two summers now

last spring i bought a little brown paper bag
full of garlic baubles and the man who sold
them to me: an olde time farmer, said i
should plant them and leave them to grow for two years
and they would eventually become whole heads of garlic.. .
and indeed they did.

i just couldn't resist seeing how they were doing
and boy are they CUTE!

it's such a lovely thing
to grow something you love to eat
right outside your door.
to wait and wait
and see it grow and change
and eventually be the
thing it's been growing towards for,
in this case. . two whole years.

i love it.


Monday, July 4, 2011

days go by

Hello little baby clothes