Thursday, January 30, 2014

after a somewhat traumatizing 
yet B L E S S E D last few months
i feel once again able to at least try to 
keep up with this little photo journaling of sorts.

the seasons of life just kind of sneak up
on me all of a sudden sometimes.

 My chickens are officially NOT. .. snow birds.

we watch the turkeys come and go
they make us happy
there's something so wonderful about seeing wild 
critters right outside your window every day.
Co-existing . . ish.. . 

 ah yes. . . . 

 . . . . laundry. 
 i actually love it.. .
the worn. . ness of the most loved
pieces that have been washed so many hundreds of times.

every now and then the piles look especially beautiful. 

it's the little things.

 Thank you for the random care packages 
during the darker days. . . you know who you are
miss windmill cookies.

it is good . . to take care of each other. 
but the operative word . . is CARE.
caring is often not what we even want to do. . . but 
when we are the ones who need help we so wish we
had someone who cared . . about us.
and at that point. . all that really matters. . is that someone
took the time, spent a little money, made a meal for, 
came over and just sat with. . .


 still settling into the new digs.  
it will be a while yet before this feels as like home as our 
last place .. . but it's growing on us.

 i recently had back surgery after 6 months of being in terrible pain. . and i after all 
was said and done but in not so few words and much more
experiencing the actual test of the human will and spirit. . . 

i am thankful to be able to walk. . . 

in pain or not pain.

i did get to the point where i was able to push through . . and still do everything
i felt i had to do that day/hour/minute . .
and let go of a thousand things i realized i did NOT have to do. ( which turned out to be
the more important lesson in my case ) 
but know this. . 
the human spirit is not easily broken. .. . and for that. . 

i thank God. . who kept me.
and allowed me to keep walking.

 when in doubt.
i bake.
it always makes everyone around me
very happy.