Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Little Things



C R E A T E 


thoughtfully c a r v e out
a room, a corner, a wall, 
whatever it is your have been 
blessed with. . .make it into 
a space you love
with everything you need to be
that kind of creative you are.

what about all the 


D I V I D E  &  C O N Q U E R 
 m y  f r i e n d 

D i v i d e  &  C o n q u e r.

It is never easy for me to figure out what to do with
all the L I T T L E things in life.
Although needed , they are a constant source of angst 
in our otherwise simplified Home.
If it were possible to sew for example. . withOUT needles,
thread, a sewing machine, 
the little tools needed when i make many mistakes
while trying to sew on a whim without a pattern.
( cuz that's how you sew right? )
If it were possible to sew with nothing but a magic wand 
and my limitless imagination believe me. . . that is the option 
i would take.

but since i still can't F I N D my magic wand
i will continue to sew quite poorly with
the stuff needed to do so.

 . . .

I find it much easier to suddenly start a new project
if all i need is indeed where i can see it and use it.

This olde giant muffin tin is working at
keeping things visible, tidy and cute all at the same time! 

Depending on the size of your drawer, shelf and tools
you could use other size tins... but this is a seriously
sweet way to keep all those little things from ganging up and
attacking me when i open the drawer.

yes yes.

Think IN-side the box.

It would be hard to stay organized without boxes.

 My little desk drawer boxes of choice. . .

the awesome little white one that an i phone comes in. :) 
white jewelery boxes
cute baking bread boxes and cups
( as seen above ) 
random olde tiny boxes 
that you will only find at an antique store
if you're looking for something else.

things NOT to try to organize or keep in boxes...

c h i c k e n s.

let them be free to wander!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rae Dunn

A few weeks ago 
i was inspired
to start on the rather new task 
of learning how to sew my own
dresses. . since the ones i love are 
no where to be found locally and too 
pricy for me to purchase online.
( nothing new since almost everything i 
have an affinity for falls into both of those
categories more often then not. )


 Whilst looking for a few simple 
 patterns i stumbled
upon this lovely lady,
 Rae Dunn
who's entire style and work 
and studio and photography
i instantly fell in love with.

That particular moment i forgot all about
learning to sew dresses and just
enjoyed looking through her blog.

Her work 
is just

L O V E L Y 

 C u t e s t

 all photographs by and belong to and used by
permission from
Rae Dunn

find her blog and work HERE  and her facebook page HERE

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