Thursday, October 30, 2008

Letting Go

"Strange Bird"
Sketched with a tiny paint brush with no prior
pencil sketch. . part of my "freeing of my form" scary for
those of us who don't like to waste good paper.

"Painting sap buckets on the quotes"
been painting piles of sap buckets lately for the shop
and once when i looked down . . i saw this. . which i LOVED. . and STILL love.
I quickly cut it out of the rest of the newspaper and ran it upstairs to my
scanner. . . and turned it into the tags for the buckets. . and it looked sooooooo
fabulous !
. . and now i would like very much to have it printed out very large.
To me it looks much like something you would see
at MOMA for millions. . :)

"Blues Polka Dots"
This i just really LOVE
and think it also would be fabulous
on a large scale.

( if any one is rich and wants to do this for me
then that would be FABULOUS! :) )

Yes well. . . i have been working on all SORTS of things. . .
experimenting with new styles and ideas
to try and find something really GOOD that will hopefully
keep me inspired for years.
. . . Still looking but i can feel myself getting closer to something
i've been looking for for a long time.

My most favorite artists are the ones who recklessly
abandon all the rules.
Not the ones who do this in an angry or gross way. . but
those who's artwork obviously conveys a freeness
of spirit and genuine love for life's little oddities.
This has been a STRUGGLE for me. .
for ever and ever!
It is hard for me to leave a line i did not MEAN to make. .
but i LOVE it when i see "mistakes" in other work. .
so why not mine!
Let it BE.

I have no idea where this intense desire to loosen
my work will take me. . but i hope it finally lets me go.
Lets be become more the artist i deeply want to be.

The new pieces are recent and i LOVE them . .
and i honestly don't care if NO ONE else does.
This is part of my new work ethic :)
I have always cared deeply what others think and i am DONE with that.
My work is what it is. . and if no one else likes it
i just don't care anymore.

( my mom loves everything i do on at least some level so that helps. :) )


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just Beautiful!

I wish i could make things like this.
For more from this amazing artist . . visit her etsy shop.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Two completely different things. . .

Today my 16 month old son turned into some sort of
one eyed monster with fangs and lime green shaggy
hair and it growls and hollers when i try to change it's
diaper and freaks out when i say the dreaded word. .
. . . so that's fun. .

but even MORE fun is this. . . new artist that i LOVE!
Here is her wonderful site.

. . also he was bouncing off the walls and not taking naps
all day!
it . . . was. . one. . of . . those.. . .days.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Favorite Favorites for the day

One of my favorite flicker sites to check in on
regularly is Decor 8. This gal has got it made. .
now famous for her sense of style and ability to
find the best of the BEST . . . posting new and wonderful finds
for your home and self weekly, even DAILY!
Her most recent pages of photos are particularly
wonderful to look at.
To see all of these much bigger :) plus
many others check her flicker site out


Friday, October 17, 2008

Many Many Sap Buckets later . .

. . and still more to paint!
been getting all sorts of things ready for
a Fall Open House i am doing with my
If you are interesting in a olde
sap bucket from the Maine woods
freshly enameled in one of many
lov o ly colors let me know.
I may post a few on my etsy but probably not till after
the Show.
I could always post one special for you
if you were interested.
Happy Happy Happy Happy Fall and leaves and sticks and
berries and pumpkins and all sorts of squashes and hot cider!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I am not NEARLY as obsessed with sleep as i was when my son
was first born but it does keep popping up in
my paintings :)
It makes for such sweet pictures i guess. . and i DO love sleep.

random list of my day
woke up around 7:30 to my son talking to his stuffed animals
made eggs for sam
played with sam
made a morning shake
played with sam
ran around town with my sister and sam delivering
invitations to an upcoming open house party
put sam down for a nap and chilled with sis
played with sam and got him lunch
worked on some new music on guitar while sam
and sis played around me
went to target to buy diapers and two unexpected
cute cardigans
put sam down for nap number two . . which didn't take
kept an eye on sam while he tottled all over the upstairs
for quite a while playing with everything in sight
tried to get sam to eat something ( he basically lives on whole milk and lately doens't
want to eat much of anything)
had left over tacos for supper
worked in studio for a few hours
got a few gifts together
catching up on my blog and other lap top things
and watching nacho libre with sis
soon to sleep
what did you do today?


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Harmonie Interieure

I've blogged about these guys before but they're turning out
so much new beautiful stuff i had to update you!
Do visit their flicker and website if you
have the time.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Start from Skratch

How can it be thursday. . almost friday already!
. . but i'm glad.
Been busy sewing some new skirts for fall,
contemplating the future color of my dining table
which my hubby said i COULD paint!!!
. . and doing a few more new paintings.
These are my new favorites.
I hope you all are enjoying your fall days
with lots of warm yummy homemade things to eat
and many many mugs of hot tea
with those you love.