Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Make your own . . .

Graham Crackers
A dear friend of mine recently passed on this
and it is just FABULOUS.
My almost two year old and i made
a bunch this afternoon and he could not stop
eating them.
They are so rustic and tasty
and make a wonderful giftie food.
Do try it and see!


Monday, June 29, 2009


So. . there are now no words to express
how much we all miss the sun. Only once in the last
two weeks did it come out to see us . . and for only
one short afternoon.

things i miss the most. .

.taking sam to the park in the evenings
and letting him get his last good play out before bedtime.

.sam and i sitting on the back porch right after naps
in the warm afternoon sun. . with a
flavor ice. . to help us wake up.

.puttering around outside in the gardens with sam ALL DAY. . instead of only
five minutes to get the stink off us.

.the way our home looks inside. . with sun coming in
the windows. . instead of grey.

.sun and shade shadows.

. . everything.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Blue Dog

Blue dog belongs to Charlotte now. She found
him when she stopped at a farm
that had a sign which said "FREE PUPPIES!"
Blue dog keeps Charlotte company
on many of her daily adventures
.. . more pictures soon to follow. :)

Blue Dog belongs
Rachael Anderson
and is copyrighted