Tuesday, November 22, 2011

soon the white will come. . and stay

thankful for warm boots for the little
feet in my life

i love how rustic and wild our little barn is
looking right now as we head into winter.

wood fires are so timeless.

they look and feel and act the same as they have always

i love that.
in this day of much
modernity i cling to
the OLDE things that are
still so wonderfully
needed.. and loved.

crisp afternoons
beautiful and emotionally

found. . by Sam.
who can spot a heart
in a leaf
in a rock
in a chip :)
in a doodle
. . . quicker then i can.

ahhhhh. . . i hope that i can always be
up above
so i can see
all there is around around
up so high
above the ground



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