Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I am not NEARLY as obsessed with sleep as i was when my son
was first born but it does keep popping up in
my paintings :)
It makes for such sweet pictures i guess. . and i DO love sleep.

random list of my day
woke up around 7:30 to my son talking to his stuffed animals
made eggs for sam
played with sam
made a morning shake
played with sam
ran around town with my sister and sam delivering
invitations to an upcoming open house party
put sam down for a nap and chilled with sis
played with sam and got him lunch
worked on some new music on guitar while sam
and sis played around me
went to target to buy diapers and two unexpected
cute cardigans
put sam down for nap number two . . which didn't take
kept an eye on sam while he tottled all over the upstairs
for quite a while playing with everything in sight
tried to get sam to eat something ( he basically lives on whole milk and lately doens't
want to eat much of anything)
had left over tacos for supper
worked in studio for a few hours
got a few gifts together
catching up on my blog and other lap top things
and watching nacho libre with sis
soon to sleep
what did you do today?



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