Friday, January 23, 2015

the stuff.

stains on this t shirt
rips in my pants
spills on the rug
dust on the shelves
spots on the sofa
drips on the floor
smudge on the fridge
prints on the door
smears on the window
soot on the stove
dirt on the steps
laundry to move
laundry to wash
laundry to fold
socks that are missing
socks that are olde
ratty olde underwear
worn-out dish towels
faded cloth napkins
faded blue jeans
favorite olde hoodies
worn paper thin
this is the stuff of life
say it again.
this is the stuff of LIFE
there it is
you're LIVING
you have and are BLESSED.
you're working and playing and cooking and cleaning,
folding and washing and teaching and learning.
wearing and wearing OUT,
using it up...
don't take it for granted
and never give up.


 Rachael Anderson

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Monday, January 5, 2015



is LESS.

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Sunday, December 28, 2014


  . . . . and then SOMETIMES. . . 
life gets very . . . .

i hate busy. . 

but there is no slowing of a toddler
or of leaky roofs or falling down trees...
 it just IS.. .
and we must KEEP up with the madness that is life.


 every now and then it slows no matter what.

and we try to take a deep cleansing breath as
all pauses for a tiny tiny blip moment.


 it would be so lovely to live in the stillness of a picture.

in that split second everything WAS perfect. 
it was a split second though. . and the second AFTER. . 
a fall, the laundry, lunch, a diaper, the fire needs a stoking, a needed cup of tea. . . 

...the swirling whirling...


and wait
for the LORD
to help you.


  brave chickens

 to KEEP.

to persist.

to do.

to keep doing over and over.

to try .

to continue in a specific way.

to remain.

to continue to be.

to continue to maintain.

to keep up with.

to sustain.

to be Faithful.

to act.
to have a habit of.

to preserve.

to watch over and defend.

to perservere.
to take care of.

 to cause to remain in an established way.

to continue on .


 go through your closet at least a few times a YEAR.
seasonally if you will.
keep a few totes of things you love but do not often wear.
keep them out of sight, then going through them will be FUN
and you will feel like you went shopping!
if you keep it in your closet all the time it will just get boring 
and you won't EVER want to wear it.

also . .  there are people who would love the things
you don't wear at all.
get them OUT of your life and into someone else' .


 keep it simple

(yes.  .. easier said then done ) 

keep at it.

do you LOVE it ?

do you NEED it?

if not.. FIND A WAY to get it OUT of your life. 

 small town love


help each other

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Sunday, May 18, 2014


                     C o m p o s t 

                        N i g h t 
                         H o m e  

                        F r i e n d s 


Monday, April 28, 2014

Nothing . . . however small.

It really does.


"In the infinite wisdom of the LORD of all the earth,

each event falls with exact precision into it's proper place

in the unfolding of His eternal plan. 

Nothing , however small, however strange ,

occurs without His ordering, or without it's 

peculiar fitness in the working out of His purpose;

and the end of all shall be the manifestation of His Glory,

and the accumulation of His Praise."

Benjamin B. Warfield.

  . . . well. . . not just one i guess. 

 Some days are blue. ..
and some are grey.

and that's just the way of it

for now.


if you have little boys. . .this is a most wonderful idea

the cake
chocolate grahms crumbled up into piles
and little diggers and dump trucks.

 it was. . .an EPIC hit. 

( thank you mimi and pop pop !!! ) 

and just pure FUN.

( yes the cake was destroyed beyond recognition 
and still happily consumed by all )


dump trucks
MORE mud
chicken POOP
growing. . . things. .. maybe flowers. . .maybe not
BOYS on bikes
fire pit
ice water
any beverage hot or cold basically

a random game of baseball with scrap wood as your bases

this.... . is our daily happiness.

it's really all it takes. 



Rachael Anderson

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Brighten My Heart

my heart is as dark as the soil sodden with winter rains
my soul is as heavy as the peat freshly dug from the bog
my thoughts swirl like willow branches caught in autumn winds
my body is as tense as a cat's as it stalks its prey

my heart is as dark as the soil sodden with winter rains
(Lord, brighten my heart)
my soul is as heavy as the peat freshly dug from the bog
(Lord, lighten my soul)
my thoughts swirl like willow branches caught in autumn winds
(Lord, still my thoughts)
my body is as tense as a cat's as it stalks its prey
(Lord relax my body)

help me open my heart to You,

help me open my heart to You, Oh Jesus
it's what I long to do

                   Brighten My Heart
                   Sixpence None The Richer

 i found this on Pinterest and i wish i knew who to credit. . . because i LOVE it
and it is often what i need to remember.

a few pages from my sketch books of late
soon  Lord willing to be available as prints. . .. .i would say they are. . 
but as usual i am experiencing technical difficulties along with sheer lack of TIME
. . . but someday. . . 

these will be prints. 
and they will be . . . adorable.


annnnnnnd. . . back to the full tilt painting / scraping / muding/ patching / 
renovations of our olde girl of a house. . . 

which took a few beatings along with us all this winter but is no worse for wear
. .. .we hope.

i cannot WAIT for the green green grass and mud and dirt and warm days

oh Gardening. . . how i MISS you.