Thursday, September 6, 2012


if you can..
breathe freely without pain

bend over
sit comfortably

 if you can fall asleep
if you can stay asleep

if you can read this

if you can think before you speak
if you can speak

 if you were hugged often as a child
and told " i love you" even more often

if you are able to love others freely
without expecting anything in return

if you know what that means. . . really

if you can cook at least ten meals well
if you can bake a cake from scratch

if you have food to eat

if you have food.. to share.

if you can keep it together in front of someone. . anyone. . 
who needs you to be stronger then they are

 if you can laugh.. . instead of punch something.. . and shake it off. . 
and move PAST it.

 if you go barefoot in the gritty sand that meets the sea

if you let yourSELF get dirty. . . often

if you don't care who might see you just sit there . . and close your eyes.

if you can sing.

if you can't. 

if you know where im going with all this. . 
. . . but
.. just if.

you can fill in the rest.

more to come....



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