Sunday, July 15, 2012

hot summer days

every day
you wake
you make breakfast for your little ones first...
then you

the day moves on
some days are slow
some are fast

the hot summer days it seems you do more 
aimless wandering in. . and out. . of the  house.
you somehow find many things to do 
with the kids. . and nap time . . is sticky.

 in summer it is . . 
to bake or not to bake.. 
do you want homemade bread enough to turn on the oven?


since having some tummy troubles
 smoothies have become an everyday , multiple times a day
thing as of the last few months.
it's the only way i can be sure to eat as many
fresh fruit and veggies as i need to

feeling much better

after making many many MANY smoothies 
i personally love the ones with a little fruit
a little leafy greens , some low fat vanilla yogurt
and a few teaspoons of golden flax seed meal 
. . i try to mix more kale in once in a while and it is 
. . i can barely stand it.
so i keep them more on the fruitier side :)



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