Sunday, May 13, 2012

to LOVE and Be Thankful For

 for years now i've been 
keeping up with this list
of Thankfulness and Loves
of my Bestie. . her boys, her days, 
her love, her life.
it occurred to me that it would someday make the 
sweetest book
a journal really. . of her boys growing up,
her hard days and fun days, 
her growth in Grace and Christ's love.

i kinda want that. .
of my own :)

i must start.. somewhere. 
i must start 
. . my Loves , my thankful heart, my days with Two little boys and One big one. :)

L O V E  your little shirt, fresh out of the drier, soon it won't fit you 
anymore and it will join the ranks of clothes to be made into a memory quilt 
or handed down to sister's babies.. . 
but for now . . it's still yours.
and i love all your little clothes
so much. . and will miss them... 
 mismatched well worn cuteness

   L O V E  my little baker, mad chemist chef.
you are trouble. :)
but we have so much fun.



THANKFUL FOR  sitting still.. on a date with hubbs

 calmly drinking a cup of tea
is way under appreciated till on a normal day
it seems you can no longer do just that.

 L O V E my baby saying "mammmma". .. and 
this time . . meaning momma :)


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