Sunday, July 29, 2012

Be an opportunist



when a bucket of chalk is just your size
and you're right there. . 
sit in it 

. . . i love how little ones are such opportunists.

 bath time bath time

 my awayfromhomegarden is pathetic this year. . .:(
im sad because i so looked forward to it all winter
and thought i would be able to have a nice one
but. . my pumpkins are sad. ..
and the weeds are winning. 
it's hard to sing to your plants
from so far away.


i am thankful for the things that DID grow.. 


gravity plus a 15 month old.

Today i love and am thankful for

the Olympics
something so comforting about them 

the smell of marshmallows on a stick 
over a crackling fire

things . . and people. . that persevere and grow
in circumstances that are in deep
persistence AGAINST them.

throwing your hat over the fence
.. and going after it..


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