Monday, July 23, 2012

Sometimes. .

sometimes. . your muffins don't turn out . . and you feel like
you trashed your kitchen for nothing. . 
but you still lived a happy hour with your two littlest 
happily playing beside you. . 
and they won't remember that you got too gutsy with your 
favorite recipe and learned not to do so the hard way.

recipes are good.

it seems like every now and then i learn something the hard way. . .
that i have already learned many times over. .
but i STILL try to break those rules.

our little fam went camping for the first time in five years
.. it seems like just yesterday it was just my hubby and me
 . . although it was a lot more work in a shorter amount of time 
and with much less downtime. . . downtime?
... it was WAY more FUN.  


My brothers and sisters grew up with our mom making 
us these little grilled pies often.
we would come home from school to her standing at the stove 
and could not WAIT for ours to be done.
it takes a long time to make enough for six hungry children
. . let along making TWO a piece. . ( you can almost never be happy with just one :) )
i never even thought of them as a camping treat till one of my besties
told me they made pudgy apple pies!
Mom always made us pizza or grilled cheese. . which are amaaaazing.
 we brought our little pudgy maker . . the olde family handmedown. .  and i made apple pie filling ahead of time 
. .a whole loaf of bread and about half hour later. . enough hot little pies for everyone!
we tried blueberry filling too and both were 

THIS is similar to our maker. . so fun to have.

Today's L o v e and Thanks

Little hands that make big messes all in the name of F U N 


Special things we only see and use when camping.  Memories that get
tucked away and re visited only once in a while.



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