Tuesday, June 19, 2012

For the Small. the simple. the sweet.

our pocket
we all love to watch as she goes about
  scratching for worms and things.
it's quite calming.

 our little family. . in maple leaves.

  this turnip was perfect on the outside. . but you wouldn't 
even believe how rotten it was on the inside.
i was sad  . . and a little mad. . because i had bought it at a farmers market on a beautiful sunny morning
expecting the best. . 

but. . it was a good illustration to me. . of myself.
pretty on the outside.
rotten on the inside. . but for the Grace of Christ Jesus! :)
He is the Only One who can make the inside as healthy and beautiful as 

 the outside.

We are all but shells of beauty without the fullness  
of the Grace of God within us.

 oh the chubby hands. . . i love you so.

 t e n t i n g . . . I N


 this book..  "The Gingerbread Man  Loose in the School" 
Laura Murray
is the CUTEST.  
sweetest illustrations
Mike Lowery 

your kids will L o V e !  :)

 oh the piles
snuggle in deep

my list of love and thanks for today 

for cozy things of all kinds

blankets made by hand

towels extra soft with ears and noses

sofa nights after the boys are well tucked in
the hope of heaven and all that is to come.



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