Friday, May 31, 2013

oh... when you put it that way. . . . still no.

if we were meant to be so busy.. . . 

then . . . 

whatever. . 



S L O W 

D O W N 



. . and then. . . this that and the other. . 

and i was tired..

but little you wanted to make muffins.

so we did. 

and it was fun and yummy in the end. .


O l d e  W h i t e 


g o o d

 if you haven't tried Trader Jo's California Estate cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
 you must.

it is the bestie best

 .  .. and i learned the hard way once again. . 

to trust my instincts.

 when i grow up. . . i want to be.. 

an artist
a gardener
 a baker
a photographer
a philanthropist 
a clothing designer
an architect
a hippie
a traveler
an extreme sports athlete
a back packer
a shepherdess 
a farmer

a . .  person who rides a horse. . . . . can't think of the .. .

the queen. 



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