Thursday, December 29, 2011

while my children are little

i rest while i can . .
but i try not to live for this rest. it is often far off
and if i am wishing for it. . i miss the still wonderful things that can happen despite the tiredness. :)

. . another quote by Rachel Jankovic
who wrote the sweet little book above. . .

" while your children are little, cultivate an attitude of sacrifice. Sacrifice your peace for their fun, sacrifice your clean kitchen floor for their help cracking eggs, your quiet moment for their long retelling of a dream they had . . . Prioritize your children far and away above the other work you need to get done. They are the only part of your work that really matters. "

thankful to be learning to L O V E in all it's fullness the little ones in my life. Daily Lessons from the Good Shepherd .



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