Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sweetness Abounds

Yesterday at break of dawn my dear friend and
i left . . to drive and drive . . and drive. .
till we found ourselves in her sweet childhood
home.. surprising her momma with our unannounced
presence. :)

When you've been close to someone for
a long time and you're seeing where they
grew up for the first time
it's like opening a very big present.

We visited some favorite haunts and were part of
a traditional Christmas Coffee . . .where HUNDREDS
and hundreds of women come from miles around
to have tea and many many crumpets. . all made by
the local church ladies.. .
and afterwards enjoy a christmas concert and
gifts gifts gifts handed out to almost everyone.

Sooooooo fun.

What i will treasure the most though are the hours
spent at her childhood home , drinking tea and still stuffing
more goodies into our bellies while it started to
snow outside.. the fat slow snow that looks EXACTLY like
Charlie Brown .

We ended up trimming the tree with her mom
and looking at old albums of when they were little
with timeless christmas music drifting in from
the old kitchen.

I will remember it always.

. . and thank you to the hubbies who stayed home
and watched our boys . . so we could get away for a day.



Blogger Life's Little Day said...

So glad for you to have comfort and joy with your friend.

December 7, 2008 at 11:30 AM  

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