Thursday, November 20, 2008

Staying Warm and . . .

Our new wood stove which we couldn't love more.. .keeping us
ever warmer then years past both day and night.

Getting started baking baking baking for the holidays season
ahead and these are one of our
favorites . A traditional Maine
Treat . .. properly called Needhams but we
are still trying to come up with
a modern name. . that is perhaps easier to know how to pronounce.
Suggestions are welcome. :)

Here is the recipe should you want to make some of these delicious
goodies yourself. They freeze amazingly well
and are darling for a quick Christmas Giftie.

I will tell you first that i HALF the sugar from the classic recipe
AND add more potato and coconut. This leaves you with
a more flavorful then too sugary treat.

1 c mashed potato
1/2 tsp salt ( added to potato while being mashed )
1 stick of butter totally melted
1 pound powdered sugar
1 pound of grated coconut ( i use unsweetened organic almost granular coconut )
( you might have to look for this in a health food store most likely sold loose in a bin. )

2 tsp vanilla

melt butter, add all the other ingredients and mix well with your hands.
press with a firm spatula into a buttered cookie sheet ( i use about half the sheet because i like them to be
nice squares once cut )

chill for a bit in the freezer till firm
cut into small squares
( press the flaking coconut back into squares with your fingers )

dip into chocolate

For chocolate. . in a metal bowl set into a skillet of hot but not simmering water
( i just read that this is a better way to melt chocolate since in a double
boiler you can't see what the water is doing and it can scorch
the chocolate very quickly. )
melt 12 oz choc chips , 4 oz bittersweet or unsweetened choc, and
half a cake of paraffin wax
keep rewarming as you need to while you dip the coconut squares.

after the squares are set a minute or two on wax paper
i may drizzel a few drops of choc on top and /or
add some more flakes of coconut. .
you can also add roasted nuts on top before the
choc has set.

all good.
. . and i can't tell you how delicious these are so do try to make them yourself.
Everyone you share them with will be very impressed :)

Do stay warm friends.
Warm and Cozy



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what a unique cookie

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