Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today i woke up to my hubby bringing our baby boy into see me
Made Sam breakfast of cinnamon sugar toast and a banana
Played in the sandbox with Sam
Pushed Him on his swing in the high up on a hill woods
Carried Sam on a short walk and saw a sad boy who didn't want his daddy to go
Woke up my sister who sleeps on our sofa
Played inside and outside and inside and outside
and had yummy snacks and dranks icy cold water
Snuggled and Tried to comfort teething Sam
Went to the mall with Sis and Sam to get out of the house
Played outside
Drew pictures with crayons
Took a afternoon nap with bebe
Waited for Daddy to come home while we played on the swing and watched spiders
Whipped up something yummy for dinner
Took Sam for a long evening walk
Put bebe to bed
Cleaned and Cleaned and Cleaned forever and ever
and finally collapsed on the sofa
and soon to bed.



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