Thursday, August 28, 2008

. . .

I want to be in this picture.

Soooooo tired the last few nights. Still recovering from
being away from home i think.. . either that or i'm under the
I did manage to make some
lovely covers for some
feather throw pillows my mom
gave me for my birthday.

I sometimes don't know how i get things
like that done. Somewhere between
sam's naps, sam playing on the floor at my feet,
and Kurt taking care of him after he gets
home from work. . i do these random
things . . later looking back and
thinking. . when and HOW did you actually
accomplish that?

An adorable movie to watch if you have Netflix
"Who am i this time?"

( it's one of the many movies available
to watch instantly . . . fabulous netflix )
It's an older, short indie film starring Christopher Walken.
I just love him don't you. :)

do watch it if you can. it's very sweet.


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