Monday, March 7, 2011

a place for everything ;)

Over the last few months when able to
i've sewn up as many of these
cloth bags as possible since
after three years of having a
little one STUFF has entered our
lives like never before.

i find that our little in particular
has a special place in his heart for
tiny things.. i'm only guessing this is
normal for most children and so
these bags will indeed come in handy for
almost everything.

things that were once semi-homeless now have a sweet
little place that i don't even mind
looking at! :)


...for cardboard building bricks

for random little sewing projects going on downstairs

puzzles, dominoes, finger puppets,
matching games, nerf bullets, wooden beads,
marbles . . .

knitting needles

to make
size and shape of bag . . doubled

sew folded seam for drawstring
to go through on each piece

sew together inside out or
on outside if you like more
rustic look with seams sides
matched up on top

use safety pin to pull
twine, string, ribbon
of your choice through
folded seams.

the perfect sweet little bag



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