Tuesday, December 15, 2009

been a while i guess.. . . life happens :)

we have a very cute homely tree
this year. . . no ornaments. . . only a few
pine cones and a garland of old
sweater squares. we love it. . . and there was
no getting out box upon box of Christmas
things. . seriously thinking of given
them all away.

the weather's been cold and keeping me
and little guy indoors most of the time. thankfully we
both like being inside over outside when it's bitter cold. .
or raining . . or even just grey . :)
we're bears.
snug by the fire reading and coloring and
baking the hours away.

good times
i wish you all a very merry Christmas.

HERE is a little music video that my
sister and i did recently. we are in
the process of recording many songs
and things and should have a
website up eventually. . till then you can
check in with our "oddbirds" channel on
youtube. :) HERE is my sister's myspace
music page.



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